Extractions in St. Louis, MO

At St. Louis Urgent Dental Group, we do everything we can to preserve the health and beauty of your smile. However, there are times when saving the natural tooth is not possible because it will cause more complex issues in the future.

Our St. Louis dentists understand that achieving optimal function, bite strength, and oral health is different for each patient. This is why our team of dental professionals creates customized treatment plans that put you on the path to an improved smile.

There are times when removing the source of the problem is necessary in order to ensure the conservation of one’s dental and overall well-being. At St. Louis Urgent Dental Group, we utilize an attentive, gentle approach, especially with tooth extractions, so patients get the compassionate care and results they deserve.

Why Do I Need a Dental Extraction?

Relieving people of their dental pain while saving the natural tooth is our dentists’ number one goal, but this is not always possible. A tooth may need to be extracted due to a chronic toothache or if there is a chance of infection spreading to surrounding dental structures.

In many instances, it is more proactive and cost effective to remove a troublesome tooth and discuss replacement options with one of our St. Louis dental professionals. This allows treatment to follow a timeline that is both convenient and affordable while resolving a dental emergency.

You may need to undergo the tooth extraction procedure if you display any of the following:

  • Dental Trauma
  • Extensive Decay
  • Emerging Wisdom Teeth

One of our dentists may recommend having a tooth removed as a part of a treatment plan which may need to be followed up with a trip to your regular dentist.

Tooth Extractions at St. Louis Urgent Dental Group

Before we move forward with the tooth removal process, one of our dentists performs a thorough examination of your dental anatomy, complete with x-rays of the problematic area. We evaluate the compromised tooth and surrounding dental structures to see how leaving it unaddressed will impact the rest of your smile. This is to confirm the necessity of the procedure.

Our St. Louis dental team sits down with you to discuss the tooth extraction process, why we recommend this treatment, and to give you time to voice any questions or concerns. We do everything possible to make sure patients understand what is going to happen, step-by-step, so they feel confident moving forward. During the procedure, we do numb the surgical area with a local anesthetic to ensure patients feel comfortable throughout treatment.

Patients do not have to leave our practice with an empty space in their smile as we do provide boomer bridges, a one tooth replacement.

Preserve Your Smile!

If you find you or a loved one in a situation where you think extraction is necessary or in need of urgent dental care, contact St. Louis Urgent Dental Group today! Our St. Louis dental team makes every effort to ensure you maintain optimal oral health.

Sometimes treating a tooth with an active infection can be dangerous and painful. In these cases, our dentists will take steps to manage your pain and kill the infection. You will then schedule an appointment to return for a definitive procedure.